I Ditched Caffeine for 30 days

My brain and heart aren’t on the same page…

If you asked anyone in my family or anyone that remotely knew me in this case, what drink does Lizzie always have in her hand other than water? They would all say Starbucks. Without hesitation anytime someone asked if I wanted Starbucks I already had my order ready to go.

Grande Blonde Roast with Almond milk, sugar-free vanilla, and cinnamon powder stirred in and Iced if it was hot (because Houston heat is its own character).

You might be thinking to yourself, “c’mon Liz that’s not that bad of drink” and you’re right it’s not. Coffee has a range of benefits and of course the one we all know the most. ENERGY!

I was the queen of coffee. A coffee connoisseur you could say. I had no problem at 10pm drinking coffee and relaxing on the couch with my husband, but after I was diagnosed with PCOS quite a bit of change needed to be made. One of the top things was to either keep drinking coffee while taking medication to control my sugar levels and my anxiety or cut it cold turkey and switch to decaf. I took the plunge and decided to switch to decaf and see how I did for 30 days.

The first week was A LIVING NIGHTMARE!!! I was frustrated, groggy and downright mean. The adjustment took me a solid 8 days to get past. On day 9 though I wasn’t groggy anymore, I actually felt like I was gaining my energy back naturally. SO… I started drinking decaf coffee in the morning just to get my coffee taste fix. I noticed the changes from day 11 to day 14 like a completely 180. My anxiety was at an all-time low. I was very thankful for this since I was in the process of switching jobs and really wanted a smooth transition.

Having a smooth transition was very important to me, not only in my career life but in my personal life as well. Living with PCOS and removing caffeine from you my everyday life has had lots of benefits such as:

  • Lowered Blood Pressure
  • Reduced Anxiety
  • Better Sleep Quality
  • Fewer Headaches
  • And Fewer Jitters

Now I’m on day 70 and feeling wonderfully bliss! I feel confident knowing that I can have coffee whenever I’m in the mood, but no longer have to depend on it to get throughout my day.

I encourage you to try going caffeine-free for 7 days, then 14, then try 30!

Share your journey with me on Instagram! Don’t forget to tag me so I can follow along!

With Love,

Lizzie P.


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