Essential Oils with The Perry’s

**DISCLAIMER** I’m not a doctor and everything I mention is from my own experience and my husband’s experiences.

Hi there! I’m Lizzie!  I’m just a regular 20 something woman who was clueless about essential oils until I was officially diagnosed with PCOS and had to make some tough but necessary lifestyle changes. 

I have spent soooo many hours researching and have found out that there are tons of ways oils can be used as a natural replacement for other things that I already had in our home…. things that were not so good for me or my family. 

Essential Oils are suddenly everrrywhere but here’s the thing…. I meet people every single day that still have no idea what they are and why anyone would want to use them. I get it.  That was me not too long ago.  I’m telling you this because this is for all those people – the people who are like: hmmmmmm …. I want to know but I don’t know where to star, I want to change slowly but don’t know how. 

Yup I get it…. I’ve been there and I want to share because I use them, my husband uses them and we want to spread the knowledge that we’ve learned and how it has improved our overall health because if it can help one person reading this then it’s done something.

PS- Yes – this is really how we use oils in Casa Del Perry.

Essential oils are organic compounds extracted from plants that have therapeutic properties. They can be found in the plant’s flower, stem, leaves, bark or fruit. The chemistry is extremely complex and may consist of hundreds of different and unique chemical compounds. This is what gives each oil its unique attributes and characteristics. The oils are also the “lifeblood” of a plant. They protect the plant from disease, provide nutrients and help fight off anything it doesn’t want! It keeps the plant (or tree, fruit, bark, root, etc.) healthy and functioning at its best! Essential oils should smell exactly like the plant they come from – nothing more, nothing less. Often, companies will add things like vanillin to make them smell sweeter. Do your oils smell like a plant or a dessert? If it says 100% pure but it smells sweet, chances are something else has been added. This means that the therapeutic properties are either decreased or nonexistent.

Caleb and I have compiled our Top 5 Essential Oils that we just can’t live without!


Contains the naturally occurring constituent, Limonene. GOOGLE IT. It takes 75 lemons to make just ONE 15mL bottle of YL Lemon Essential Oil. That blows my mind and it means a drop of this is super powerful.

2.) Frankincense

GOOGLE THE HEALTH BENEFITS OF FRANKINCENSE#micdrop#ifitsgoodenoughforthebabyjesusitsgoodenoughforme

This is my go to “I can’t live without this oil” oil. I put a drop on my head when I wake up in the morning and before I go to sleep at night- It GROUNDS me. I use it before a good yoga session and before I read my bible at night.

3.) PanAway 

Y’all this one is my HOLY GRAIL. Since starting my fitness journey my body is changing and along with that come the sore muscles.

I mix it with Peppermint and rub on my temples when I have head tension

  •  Contains Helichyrsum (amazing on so many levels by itself), which is called “everlasting” in Europe and it’s in very limited supply.

4.) Purification & Kunzea-

If you have a dog then you want these 2 oils.  I pet this combo onto Abby and Pepper every time before we wander outside for our walk among high grass orrr any grass for that matter.  This combo is what keeps the tiny, jumpy hitchhikers in the grass and off of her fur. 

5.) Thieves Household Cleaner & Thieves Laundry Soap

The laundry soap is a natural, safe alternative to replacing all of the chemicals that you are wearing on your body daily with a healthy, essential oil infused soap that will support your health instead of damaging it. 

I hope this was helpful in expanding your health awareness.

Thank you all so, so much for joining me! This has been a lot of fun and hopefully you’ve learned a few things! There’s so much more that these oils can do for you and your family, but this was designed to scratch the surface and keep it simple. If you have any further questions, ask away!

Want oils of your own?

Let me help!

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