Friday Favorites

Fridays are for all the Favorites in Life

I’m so excited to bring you all my favorites that I’ve been indulging in over the last couple weeks!

What I’m Listening to….

If you don’t have Audible you need it now! Not only is it available on pretty much any smart tech you have, but it is great for on-the go. I listen in the morning while I get ready for work, while I’m cooking dinner & even when I’m just sitting on the couch if I want to unwind with no screen time. Here are a few of the ones I’m listening to right now.

Midnight Sun– This is audible is 24 hours long and worth every minute. I’m a die-hard twilight fan and have been waiting almost 15 years for this version to come out, so you know i was one of the first to grab it on audible (or at least I like to think I am lol)

Own Your Everyday– Jordan Lee Dooley and I have both been in the same boat recently both having miscarriages, but even though I don’t know her personally this book has brought me comfort and healing in ways I never knew I needed.

You are a Bada**– Jen Sincero kicked me in to high gear when it came to manifesting what I wanted and truly listening to my heart and just going for it. I’ve already ordered her other book on money making and am eager to dive in to it.

What I’m Wearing…

Right now, especially with COVID-19, its been hard to shop. I did find a dew different places that have great shipping time and also quick curbside pick up if really needed. Target, Loft (They have a Plus Size line that I’m in love with) and Amazon Prime as well for certain basic I need.

Animal Print Dress from Loft– This Dress is perfect for me to wear on casual Fridays to the office with a pair of black ballet flats and chunky jewelry.

Striped Maxi Dress from Amazon Prime– If it’s a grocery trip run to Aldi’s or just hanging around the house you will most of the time catch me in a maxi dress. I love maxis for comfort and relaxation.

Striped Color Block Sweater with Target– We keep it a crisp 69 degrees in our house when we are home and sometimes I just want a light sweater and shorts. This sweater from target has been my go to to throw on just to chill at home.

Favorites for the Home

We are in the process of remodeling our home room by room. We have loved the journey of building our Modern Farmhouse. A few of our favorite places to find things are Bed, Bath & Beyond, Amazon Prime and also Decor Steals.

Joanna Gains Book has been the inspiration for our home. This book sits on our coffee table in the living room.

This Utensil holder was a housewarming gift and we absolutely love its simplicity and clean look in our kitchen.

This Coffee Mug Rack is literally my favorite. My dear friend Stephanie gifted it to me and it hangs wonderfully in our dinning room with all the beautiful mugs.

Favorites on Instagram…

Instagram has been my main hub lately and I’ve loved all of the positive energy I’ve seen from friends and people I follow. If you Instagram doesn’t bring you joy then it’s time to reevaluate who you’re following.

Courtney Brand Agbetola, also known as @greeneyesgoldsoul on Instagram, is serious GIRL BOSS GOALS! I’ve pretty much been following her since she first started her blog “Thebwerd” and for a long time admired her from afar, but lately she has helped me grow in so many ways I can’t even name them all. I’m currently in her Mentee Masterclass that has encouraged me step out of my comfort zone and jump back in to my passion of blogging with a purpose. If you’re not following her, you should be. Her IG ranges from beauty & fashion to her views on things currently going on in the U.S. to mentally kicking your butt to get up and workout to better your physical health.

Kayla Jade, also known as @thepcosbible, was the first instagrammer I found when I started looking for women dealing with PCOS on IG. I’ve followed her for almost 2 years now and have learned so much about my overall health, eating habits and focusing on the root cause of my PCOS instead of just the symptoms I see on the surface. She has a myriad of knowledge and isn’t afraid to share the nitty gritty, not so fabulous side of PCOS as well. I’m currently doing her 12 week workout program and also following along with her PCOS bible E-book. She is so motivational and informative I would recommend PCOS or not to give her 12 week workout program a try!

Valerie Agyeman (@flourishheights) is a Registered Dietitian specializing in women’s health. I love all of her tips and inspiration that she gives for Women of Color to flourish in the wellness journey. I’ve looked for so long to find more WOC that are advocating for better health and wellness for women like me. If you haven’t looked at her beautifully curated IG filled with all the pinks and girly feels you should! Oh did I mention she post recipes too! I think I’m gonna need a bigger recipe card holder after this!

That’s all for my Friday Favorites this week! Check back for more favorites next Friday!

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