Friday Favorites #2

Who’s Ready for some Self Care Ideas?

Seriously, this week was jammed pack with a lot of TLC, emotionally and physically. From diffusing Lavender, Peace & Calming and Cedarwood throughout our house to help zen me out during my Self Care Day to Dark chocolate molten lava cakes made with friends everyone needs to take time to take care of themselves. So this weeks favorites are based all around Self Care! I hope there is something in my favorites that you find peace and solace in, no matter how your week has been. We all need a little TLC sometime. Enjoy!

What I’m Reading….

Rachel Hollis has been a constant reminder lately that I just need to DO IT! Stop fighting the urge to keep quiet about my ideas and creative outputs, kick my own butt and do what I’m passionate about. She talks about the twenty lies and misconceptions that often keep us from living our best and most productive lives. Everything she says feels so real and raw it’s like your sitting right there talking with her.

James Clear takes a dive into habit formation,practical strategies for forming good habits and breaking bad ones (cue my impulse to bite my nails while I think). James helps you learn how to reshape your thought process and transform your habits. This is right now my top listen on my Audible list. This was actually a book that Courtney Brand recommended on her Instagram (@greeneyesgoldsoul). I’m a creature of habit and I like my days planned (I blame my mother for always having me on edge about timing).

What I’m Wearing…..

Whether I’m running to the store for more chocolate or I’m lounging on the couch scrolling my feed, you can find me in this shirt. I made it my mission to be more supporting of #blackownedbusinesses and Black Girls Who Oil is no exception! You may have seen me wear this T-shirt in my Instagram stories a few times & that’s just because it’s so dang comfy! BGWO is a community of over 230+ women who advocate, educate and celebrate Black women in the essential oil industry! They have a variety of t shirt’s and other apparel!

GIRRRRLLLL I will tell you right now… RUN FOR THESE SLIPPERS! I’m on cloud 9 for these shows. The coziness yet lux look of these slippers are perfect for feeling like a queen around my house (and I make sure my husband knows it too). If you are looking for comfort and style these slippers are the way to go.

What I’m Listening to…

I’ve been going down the tiktok rabbit hole (if you don’t follow me you should since I post all about my dogs) and I cam across a girls tiktok talking about a Spotify playlist that would magical transport you back to the early 2000’s and boy did it ever! I was transported by to 8th grade/ Freshman year of high school dancing to music that was highly inappropriate for my 13 year old self. Yet the nostalgia will live on forever! You can check out that playlist here.

What I’m Eating….

Okay, now don’t judge me but I’ve hate a ridiculous obsession with a young woman named Tieghan of @halfbakedharvest and all of her meals. Caleb and I did a 2 week challenge to create one of her receipes every night for 2 weeks straight an OH MY LANTA!!!! it was amazing. Here are our top three favorites from her.

Weeknight sticky ginger sesame chicken meatballs.

This sticky meat ball recipe is perfect for a quick and delicious meal. We are big fans of Asian food in our house. No MSG and healthier than ordering take out. I think I have 30 minutes I can spare for this delicious meal. We opted out of the jasmine rice and went for a bowl full of our favorite veggies, broccoli, carrots, and cauliflower florets. (P.S. make sure if you are doing Gluten Free to pick out GF Hoisin Sauce)

Chicken Souvlaki bowls with Garlic fries.

Give me a second while I grab a bucket for this drool worth meal! This Chicken Souvlaki Bowl is probably eaten in our house 2 to 3 times a month because we just love it that much!If you pair that along with my homemade Tzatziki sauce (coming soon) you have a match made in heaven! If you have a taste for Greek food or even just trying to expand you cultural food pallet I highly suggestion adding this to your list.

15 Minute Cajun Hot Honey Butter Shrimp.

If you asked Mr. Perry what my favorite seafood was he will always say shrimp and not just ANY SHRIMP it has to be he Red Argentinian Shrimp. It’s something about big shrimp plated all fancy like with an over the top Cesar salad on the side that just makes me feel, classy, bougie and oh-so-fabulous. This Cajun Hot Honey Butter Shrimp is literal GOLD! If you like sweet heat like I do add extra red pepper chili flakes for an added kick!

That’s All for Now….

Like I said, this week gave me hell, but having these wonderful things and having amazing friends to get you back in step always makes me feel better. Did you take some time for yourself this week? If not I challenge you to spend some time doing Self Care no matter what that looks like for you, always take time out for you! Tag me on Instagram with all the fun Self Care your doing this weekend!

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