Caleb’s 27th Birthday Trip

27 Never Looked So Good!

Okay, I may be a little biased, but I can be because this Black Man right here is more than I could ever dream in a husband! So in honor of him turning 27 a very small group of friends and I celebrated his birthday the best way we knew he would love and enjoy. FISHING. If you follow me on Instagram then you saw me throw hints of where we were going for his birthday.

We ended up in Galveston, TX at a friends beach condo and had a blast. Of course this was pre- Tropical Storm Beta and we did practice social distancing with keeping our group small (literally only 5 of us)

Part 1

We celebrated on his actual birthday that Friday with his parents. His mother put together an amazing feast, steak & shrimp, seafood dressing, garden salad and for dessert Carrot Cake! To say I was stuffed was an understatement. He also got a few gifts from me that I knew he would love.

Part 2

The next day we woke up at 6 am (we should have been up at 5 but we were so tired) and packed our bags into the car and headed out for Galveston. Of course we had to do a Bucee’s stop as well. (If you’re not from Texas I highly recommend if you ever do come to stop at the big beaver) We made it to Galveston and got settled in at the condo and headed straight out with our friends on the ferry to head to the Bolivar Peninsula.

Beach Babes & Flying Fish

We had so much fun out on the beach with our friends. I was brave enough to try out a few poses I found on Pinterest for plus size girls (yes I looked up poses) and also Caleb caught a fish! We laughed, sang, danced and splashed in the water until the tides started getting a little higher than normal. Caleb is a natural in the water, me…. not so much. I did have fun laying out and enjoying the overcast but ended up with a narley sunburn on my back which is crazy cause I put so much SFP on that I probably owe my friend a new bottle.

The Crazy Aftermath

The rest of the evening was a blur honestly. The storm was rolling in so we had to get back to our hotel. We changed and went and did my husbands favorite again. BREAKFAST FOR DINNER. We headed over to IHOP and enjoyed lots of coffee and laughs over gluten free pancakes and lots of maple syrup.

Sippin’ Tea

The next morning we only had a little while before Tropical Storm BETA was due to make landfall so we all snuggles up and my favorite Holy Basil Tea on the patio watching the waves roll in and enjoyed the cool breeze that was greatly appreciated. We hugged our friends good bye and made the trip back home to our pups and enjoyed more cake with family!

Forever In Love

I’m forever grateful for my husband and all that he has done for our little family. He truly deserves the world! I hope that we have many more years together to cherish, love and explore together.

What are some of your favorite places to go with your love ones? Comment and share below!

3 thoughts on “Caleb’s 27th Birthday Trip

  1. I really enjoy going to Austin tx. The culture and the people there is so alive. I also can’t forget the food culture is amazing, there are so many things to try .

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